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Welcome to Crown Wood Cricket Club

ANNOUNCEMENT OF MERGER OF CROWTHORNE AND CROWN WOOD CRICKET CLUBS – 9th December 2013. Please visit our new website here:


It is with great pleasure that both clubs are able to issue this joint statement regarding the imminent merger of the 2 clubs to form 1 new club.  Over the past few months, as many of you know, senior committee members from both clubs have been meeting to work on a framework for a mutually beneficial merger.

The fruit of these long meetings and extensive research carried out by both parties is now ready to be savoured.  Both Crowthorne and Crown Wood enter into this with eyes wide open and a commitment to drive enthusiasm, ideas and to forge a club spirit to drive the new club forwards.  This is a great move for both clubs and its members as we come together to make 1 stronger club with its own home, thriving adult and junior sections and lots of potential for the future.


Please have a read of this email and any of the links you feel necessary to help understand what is happening.


1. Background:

·  In general, recreational cricket participation has declined in recent years with changing lifestyles and demands on people’s time. Clubs that stand still tend to disappear. It’s that simple.

·  Currently there are 2 club’s with complementary strengths and competencies, located very close together competing for the same limited market of new players.

·  Both clubs have been in existence for around 30 years, offering friendly and competitive standards of Cricket. In recent years, Crown Wood’s membership has declined, whilst Crowthorne’s has grown

·  Crown Wood have a well-established youth Section, ECB Clubmark accreditation and a permanent home

·  Crowthorne have an excellent administration base with high levels of player recruitment and retention but without the presence of an underlying structure to ensure sustainability in the mid to long-term.

·  Both clubs realise that long term sustainability in their current guise would not be easy to say the least.


2. Purpose & Rationale for Merger:

·  To create a solid sustainable club providing cricket for all ages and abilities for the communities of Crowthorne and the surrounding areas 

·  To build on the success of Crown Wood’s youth section to provide Cricket to as many young people in the local community as we can 

·  To build on the successful growth of Crowthorne’s adult section to provide a variety of types of cricket to adults regardless of their ability.

·  To develop a club that the community can be proud of and that plays an active role in the community.

·  To secure the long-term security of both existing clubs under the umbrella of the new merged club. 

3. Next Steps:

·  Merger becomes “official” on 1 st Jan 2014 

·  AGM to be called to launch new club within Jan  or Feb

·  Website and social media to be changed to reflect new club

·  PR and recruitment drive to take place in Jan 2014

·  New online merchandise store to be launched in time for new season

·  A joint committee to be elected at AGM

·  Preparations for 2014 eason underway with Leagues’ notified.

·  Integrate existing Crown Wood members into the Crowthorne website (which will be the administrative centre of the new club) 

4. Adult Provision:

·  3 x Saturday Adult Teams

·  1x Sunday Adult Team

·  1 x Midweek Adult Team

·  Winter Indoor Practice

·  Winter Indoor League

·  Winter Social 5-a-side football 

·  Summer Outdoor Nets and Practice Social Events

5. Youth Provision

·  Coaching and development in a safe and controlled environment

·  Age Group cricket matches

·  Winter Indoor Practice

·  Winter Indoor League Summer Outdoor Nets and Practice

·  Social Events. 

6. Infrastructure

·  Adult Home matches to be played at St Sebastian’s as well as Wellington Colleg

·  Adult Indoor practice to be held at Wellington College & Eversley Indoor Cricket Centre

·  Adult Outdoor Nets and Practice to be held at Wellington College

·  Youth Indoor Practice to be held at Eversley Indoor Cricket Centre

·  Youth Home matches to be played at St Sebastian’s

·  Youth Outdoor practice to be held at St Sebastian’s


7. Further Information


·  Merger Agreement   - Link will be on website shortly

·  Constitution of New Club -  Link will be on website shortly

·  Website Registration Link http://crowthorneandcrownwoodcc.co.uk/register/default.aspx  (existing Crowthorne members need not register. Crown wood members will need to register.

·  Twitter account @crowscricket

·  Facebook.com/crowscricket

Any questions or suggestions, please contact Jason Gibbings (07453 291540)  or Andy Taylor  (07799 038538) who will be happy to discuss any points you may have. There is also a forum topic on the website for registered users.


Everyone involved in this merger can’t wait to get started and start work on making ourselves a club we can all be proud of. We know we can rely on everyone who receives this mail for their full support, especially in the crucial early phase of integrating the 2 groups of members.


Kind regards,


Crowthorne and Crown Wood Cricket Club.



U17 20/20 2013 Winners!










Crown Wood U17







Staines&Laleham U17







Chessington U17







Tiffin U17 







Epsom U17







Shepperton U17







See Surrey 20/20 Website.


Club Honours

2011 - 1st XI Berkshire League  Div. 1 Champions

2007 - 2nd XI Berkshire League Div. 5 Champions

2006 - 1st XI Berkshire League Div. 1 Champions

2003 - 1st XI Berkshire League Div. 3 Champions

2003 - U13 Youth League - Runners up

2000 - 1st XI Berkshire League Div. 4 Runners up

1999 - 1st XI Berkshire League Div. 5 Runners up

1996 - 1st XI Berkshire League Div. 4 Runners up


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